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50134   Pepitas R/NS
50160   Pepitas, Roasted/Salted
50569   Petite Mints
50274   Pineapple Rings (Sweetened)
GBX62010   Pistachio Lovers Box
50171   Pistachios Garlic
50158   Pistachios Hot and Sour
50130   Pistachios R/NS in Shell
50148   Pistachios R/S in Shell
60146   Pitted Prunes
GBSKT62050   Popcorn Basket
50714   Raisins Dark Chocolate
50347   Raisins Milk Chocolate
50121   Raw Walnuts
50722   Red Cherry Bites - Honeycomb
50590   Red Licorice Twist 7"
RESERVFEE50   Reservation Fee - 50 or Less
RESERVFEE70   Reservation Fee - More than 50
1412100   Retreat Dining Room Set
50548   Rock Candy Crystals
50580   Rock Candy- Swizzle Sticks
rrct   Rocky Road Clusters
50308   Root Beer Barrels
50511   Root Beer Barrels, IBC
50440   RootBeer Drops
GBSKT62055   Round Fruit Basket
50563   Runts
60255   S/F Almond Buttercrunch
50711   S/F Assorted Taffy
50172   S/F Chick-O-Stick Nuggets
50445   S/F Chocolate Raisins
50501   S/F Cinnamon Bears
60483   S/F Cordial Cherry Milk
50495   S/F Fruit Assorted Hard Candy
60482   S/F Fudge Meltaway
50426   S/F Gummi Bears
50451   S/F Licorice Bears
60110   S/F Pattie Almond Caramel
60225   S/F Pattie Cashew Caramel
60340   S/F Pattie Pecan Caramel Milk
50465   S/F Peach Rings
50448   S/F Peanut Brittle
60160   S/F Peanut Butter Cup Dark
60188   S/F Peanut Butter Cup Milk
50243   S/F Salt Water Taffy P.B & Banana
50245   S/F Salt Water Taffy Peanut Butter
50878   Salt Water Taffy Licorice
50715   Salt Water Taffy Peanut Butter
50887   Salt Water Taffy Strawberrry
50239   Salted Soybeans
50200   Samurai Mix
50156   Seed Pumpkin Salted Jumbo in Shell
50203   Sesame Sticks Garlic
50206   Sesame Sticks Salted
50201   Sesame Sticks, Honey Roasted
50740   Sixlets
GBX62020   Small Chocoholic Box
50190   Snack Mix Caramel Cash Cranberry
50189   Snack Mix Cravin' Cranberry
50720   Snack Mix Crunchy Snack Mix
50506   Snack Mix Dragon Mix
50177   Snack Mix Oriental Party
50860   Snack Mix Peas Fried R/S
50861   Snack Mix Peas Fried Wasabi
50183   Snack Mix R/NS
50182   Snack Mix R/S
50176   Snack Mix Wild West Trail
sgapple   Sour Green Apple Punch Straws
50402   Sour Gummy Worms
50408   Sour Patch Fruit Slices
50404   Sour Patch Kids Asst
50400   Sour Patch Peaches
50427   Sour Patch Watermelon with Rind Slices
60437   Sour Power Belt Berry Blue
60434   Sour Power Belt Rainbow
60436   Sour Power Belt Strawberry/Apple
60196   Sour Power Belt Strawberry/Banana
60439   Sour Power Belt Watermelon
60450   Sour Power Belt, Green Apple
sstraw   Sour Strawberry Punch Straws
50178   South Of The Border Trail Mix
50609   Spice Drops Nostalgic-Candy,HC,Jellies
sj2   Spiced Jellies
GTRY62110   Spicy Nut Round Tray
50304   Strawberry Kookaburra Licorice
50007   Strawberry Licorice Wheels
50712   Strawberry Wheels
630759   Straws Sour Strawberry
GBX62065   Sugar Free Assortment Gift Box
sfcccl   Sugar Free Cashew Caramel Patties
50461   Sugar Free Jordan Almonds
041364003429   Sugar Free Licorice Black Stix
60180   Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Cashew Clusters
60327   Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters
041364003412   Sugar Free Strawberry Licorice Stix
KUSHSUMMER1970   Summerland Collection - Jelley Cabinet
50594   Sunbursts, Sunflower Seeds
50214   Sunflower Kernels Butter Toffee
60254   Sunkist Fruit Gems
50228   Sweet and Spicy Chili Mango Slices
50475   Taffy, Assorted
50883   Taffy, Banana
50876   Taffy, Chocolate
50880   Taffy, Cinnamon
50877   Taffy, Peppermint
50857   Taffy, Tropical
50881   Taffy, Watermelon
TGC10   Tom's Farms $10 Gift Card
TGC100   Tom's Farms $100 Gift Card
TGC200   Tom's Farms $200 Gift Card
TGC25   Tom's Farms $25 Gift Card
TGC50   Tom's Farms $50 Gift Card
TGC75   Tom's Farms $75 Gift Card
TGC   Tom's Farms Gift Card
GBX62005   Tom's Top Ten Box
TMP   Tomato Preserves
TTM   Tropical Trail Mix
GBX62035   Ultimate Snack Box
50131   Unsalted Roasted King Cashew
50262   Veggie Chips
veggiechps   Veggie Chips
50804   Very Cherry Bubblegum balls
50111   Wasabi Peanuts
50704   Wax Bottles
50301   Whipping Cream Fudge
60147   Xtra Fancy Dried Nectarines
50355   Yogurt Pretzels
50354   Yogurt Raisins

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